We would like to encourage all Ecotopia participants to register before June 30, as it is useful to know an approximate number of participants when putting together the provisional programme. Also, it is important to register to receive additional information - once you register, you will be added to the Ecotopia mailinglist.

To participate fill out the registration form.
If you want to give a workshop, have a discussion, show a documentary, etc. please fill out the workshop form. Your input will be added to the Ecotopia programme. There are also ways you can help online, translate/print a poster or leaflet, and distribute it! The links for this will be announced soon.

If you have any further questions or problems with the forms, write to


Tourist visas can be bought at the Turkish border on arrival for around 15 Euros. For more information on visa requirements for specific nationalities, click here. If your embassy needs an invitation letter to grant you a visa, please write to