The region of Sarikum Nature Reserve is in Abali town, close Merkez in the area Sinop. It is 21 km to the downtown area. The Sarikum Lake and its surroundings are an entire with their lakes, ocean, wetlands, woods and different biological communities in which different rural exercises are performed. It is a secured region. Other than vegetation there are numerous creature species like roe, wild pig, jackal, fox, lynx, weasel, wild stallion, reptiles, numerous winged animal species, frogs and fishes like mullet.

The flying creatures utilize the range for overnighting in the movement season. The ocean and the lake are near one another. There is a fine-sand, long and wide shoreline close to the ocean. It got its name from the shade of the sand.

Sarikum Lake is arranged around there. The lake is 2 km long, 750 m wide and it covers a range of 400 ha. It is on the ocean level. Its waters ascend in the winter and die down in the late spring. It is bolstered by little waterways and its surplus waters spill into the ocean.