How to get there

From Istanbul OTOGAR (Main Bus station, ESENLER)

There are several bus companies that goes directly to Sinop. The distance between Istanbul- Sinop is 701 km. There are only buses in the early morning at around 07.00 and in the evening at around 19.00. It will take you 12 hours to reach Sinop, and the bus stops 3 times for 30 minutes during the travel. The cost of one way ticket is 50ytl (25€). You should buy or reserve your tickets at least 3-4 hours beforehand. Otherwise you can not find free space. The last stop is Sinop OTOGAR.

(Note: There is not train or direct flight to SINOP)

Contacts for reservations:

SINOP BIRLIK +90 212 658 17 47,  07.00, 19.30, 21.00.

SINAY 57 (+90 212 658 40 02, 08.00,(Only Sunday mornings), 19.30

TURKAY (+90 444 3457, 19.30


Take minubuses to Sinop City Center from Otogar. It takes 10-15 minutes, and the cost is 1,5 ytl (0,75 cent). Get off from the minubus near the coastal road.

Take minubuses to AYANCIK or SARIKUM villages. There are minibuses every 30 minutes to Ayancik and every hour to Sarikum village. The tickets are around 5 ytl (2,5€).

If you take the AYANCIK bus, leave the bus at SARIKUM turnout after 18-20 km. You will see the yellow-brown signboard “Sarikum Tabiati Koruma Alani”. Walk the road until you reach the sea. You will see the camping area on your left. From Sarikum turnout to the camping area is around 2 km. The area is known as “Araba parki” for locals.

If you take the SARIKUM minubus, the last stop is Sarikum village. From the last stop you will walk to the sea side. It is a 10-15 minutes walk. When you reach the sea side you will see the camping area on your left. The area is known as “Araba parki” for locals.