What is Ecotopia?

Ecotopia is a yearly global get-together of individuals who need to talk about and attract consideration regarding a scope of issues concerning social equity and economical living. 200-600 individuals accumulate to incidentally camp together; learning, sharing abilities, spreading data and talking about activity on an extensive variety of subjects including environmental change, transport and versatility, GMOs, natural nourishment, eco-building and feasible framework, worldwide legislative issues and worldwide financial framework, procedures for activities, encounters of crusades, option media, movement, prejudice and xenophobia, social issues...

Ecotopia social events have been occurring in areas around Europe throughout the previous 20 years. Sorted out by EYFA in collaboration with nearby has, a particular topic is characterized by ecological or social issues applicable to the host area.

Ecotopia members additionally receive feasible living techniques and moral standards amid the 2 week camp. This extents from building and utilizing manure toilets and sun powered showers, utilizing environmental cleansers and different items where fundamental, reusing waste, fertilizing the soil nourishment remains, having a vegetarian kitchen, utilizing nearby create, utilizing elective energies, and holding every day agreement gatherings.