At the point when? second July - fourteenth August 2008

Every year Ecotopia Biketour intends to make an "ecomobile" group joining distinctive individuals from everywhere throughout the world into a different, awkward, cheerful, moderate, entertaining, unusual, sunny, mindful gathering of individuals.

Biketour members advance supportable methods for cycling so as to live, doing press work, taking an interest in the activities sorted out by nearby gatherings and additionally arranging our own behavior.

Somewhere in the range of 10 to 50 cyclists from distinctive foundations - nationality, age, dialect, experience - cycle together towards Ecotopia, conveying all hardware for outdoors on their bicycles and trailers. It is a dynamic visit, with always showing signs of change dozing spots, bunch organization (you don't need to join the entire course) and sustenance quality, however with some regular things like: accord based choice making, all assignments partitioned between the members, a resting place each night and vegan breakfast, lunch and supper for a support expense ascertained utilizing Ecorates.

Go along with us, if:

• you can cycle 50-80 km for each day (trust me, you can!)

• you are keen on natural issues and willing to tune in a few activities

• you are willing to participate in agreement choice making and

• you are willing to tune in the day by day assignments, for example, get ready dinners, conveying trailers, cleaning up or cleaning the resting spots.

• watch out: sexist, supremacist, homophobic and other oppressive conduct won't go on without serious consequences on the visit.

How to partake?

To start with you need to round out in the application structure. Those individuals who need visa for the nations the Biketour goes through will get however much help as could reasonably be expected from the Biketour coordinators. Every individual pays an investment charge of around 15 Eco every day (check Ecorates for more information). This expense spreads everything - hierarchical exertion, different occasions, activities, workshops, three suppers a day and a spot to put your tent. Every individual cycles at their own pace and we convey everything ourselves, with substantial things in trailers. we for the most part cook ourselves. The association is well under way, however we are constantly glad for each assistance. Heaps of things should be possible by means of web - composing writings, design, and so forth please observe here.

Contact "bicycle it yourself visit" arranging group:

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