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Go to the twentieth yearly Ecotopia gathering!

This year, Ecotopia will occur between 9-23 August 2008 in Turkey, near the city of Sinop at the Black Sea. You are welcome to join in, and talk about vitality and different issues, bolster nearby activists and meet with gatherings from diverse parts of Europe.

The Issues

Consistently, Ecotopia gives careful consideration to one issue. Typically this is an issue which is of specific worry to the nearby Ecotopia coordinators. This year, Ecotopia will happen near an area decided for the development of an atomic force station, and the primary topic will be the vitality issues.

In Turkey, the advantages and disadvantages of atomic vitality have been wrangled for just about 30 years. In 2004, the Turkish government took a sudden turn in the vitality arrangement and made an arrangement to take care of Turkey's building so as to expand vitality demand 3 to 5 atomic plants somewhere around 2008 and 2012. The dependence on atomic vitality runs gigantic financial and ecological dangers.

The development of atomic vitality plants inefficiently expends open assets: both their development and descent toward the end of their term are costly. Also genuine dangers and issues identified with the capacity of atomic waste and conceivable mischances.

We trust that the vitality emergency ought to be fathomed by diminishing vitality utilization, enhancing vitality effectiveness and advancing low-affect vitality creation. Also, we might want to center workshops and exercises at Ecotopia on these issues.

What is Ecotopia?

Ecotopia is a yearly 2 week-long meeting of lobbyist people and gatherings, concentrating on issues of environment and social equity. It has been sorted out by EYFA (European Youth For Action) subsequent to 1989, and is facilitated by nearby grassroots ecological associations. The 2008 Ecotopia will be facilitated by Ekolojik Utopyalar Dernegi.

Ecotopia is an on a level plane composed space to receive a reasonable way of life, offer abilities in workshops or talks, trade encounters and thoughts, system with new gatherings, and spread data on social, political and ecological activities. Ecotopia ordinarily has a couple of hundred individuals, tending to subjects, for example, bigotry, xenophobia, homo-and queerphobia, inventive dispute, elective media, social focuses, practical building and foundation, natural/reasonable exchange sustenance and cultivating, environmental change, assorted qualities, GMOs, and so forth.

Amid the two weeks, the group uses strategies for low-effect living; from a veggie lover kitchen, utilization of option force and natural cleaning items (washing fluid, cleansers, toothpaste), to sorting out occasions to advantage the area (cleaning activities and so on.)


The Biketour is an incredible maintainable approach to reach Ecotopia. The current year's visit begins in Sofia (Bulgaria), and cycles the distance towards the Ecotopia.. For more data check Ecotopia Biketour website page.

Join in Ecotopia!

Observe the site for more information and please fill in the enlistment structure.

Give a workshop!

Everybody is welcome to offer workshops, examinations, screenings on the subject, or different presentations on related social and natural issues. To enlist a workshop – fill in the workshop structure.

Partake in the planning camp

On the off chance that you are willing to help with setting up the site, by building the fundamental structures, for example, the kitchen and toilets, please tune in the prep camp, beginning on the 25th of July.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries - compose to


The Ecotopia crew